The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Web design is an art that helps to earn popularity and special identity to any users like a businessman, freelancers, and others. Every user wants to use a website to know about many things with complete details. Responsive web design is now trending all around the world due to the features and attractive structures. Smartphone users are now increasing rapidly because it contains endless core features. Old format website is not responsive which never gets resized as per the mobile view. Responsive web design comes with a point of reacting to the device of users so we can access mobile devices instead of desktop computers for viewing websites.

Advantages of Using Responsive Web Design

The basic website looks fit and works so well on desktop devices but we can’t expect the same fitness while working on a tablet or smartphone. A responsive website has many features that may be the reason for using it by the huge number of users and designers. Google personally recommends a responsive website to use because of increased mobile searchers respectively.

  • Well developed user experience is a benefit of using a responsive website. In responsive web design, we can feel easy with navigation, filling forms, accessing menus and other buttons of the website. A basic website is not so well in user experience so responsive web design is best for business.
  • As a result of research over web traffic, 53% of traffic comes from mobile users and it clearly shows how important is responsive web design.
  • Faster website development is one of the major reasons for going with responsive web design. A responsive website only takes a lesser time to be created but basic sites need more time to be created. We can feel the quickness when we spend time on any responsive website and it could be added advantage for all users.

  • Google supports responsive web design so search engine ranking will be increased rapidly.

  •  Responsive web design is best for online selling and even we can increase revenue respectively. A responsive site is showing contents very neatly with quality user experience so we may use it for many purposes.

  • Duplicate content can ruin our website rank and even Google takes sever actions over content duplications. Responsive web design is very handy to avoid spammy issues. A responsive website has a natural power to eliminate unwanted duplicate contents.
  • Responsive websites are loading faster on many devices like tablets, smartphone, and others. We must thank fluid grids and responsive images for making this happen.
  • Lower bounce rate is a key advantage of using a responsive website. A normal website may not be attractive so clients don’t want to spend more time on it for any reason. A responsive site is looking splendid with high-quality content so it will automatically reduce the bounce rate.
  • The conversion rate can be increased by using a responsive website so we can increase our popularity rapidly.
  • Responsive web design will help us to share social content so we can earn some new audience that may lead to the growth of the business.
  • Search engine optimization is now essential for all website holders and a responsive website is good for building backlinks.  
  • Responsive web design is simple with analytics, reporting and tracking so we no need to waste our valuable time over them separately
  • Responsive web design helps us to stay ahead of high competitions and it considers as a very big advantage for website holders.

Important Components of Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is doing a great job consistently so most users to want to get it for themselves. We must know what makes responsive web design is so good than other normal web design. There are three main components have included in it that really works well to make our website responsive as we wanted.

  • A fluid grid
  • Flexible images and texts
  • Media Queries

The fluid grid is an important component for developing a responsive layout. In the past, we use a grid to build websites but it won’t support well the fluid layouts. A fluid grid is exclusively working for responsive web design and it makes our site scalable and flexible. However, images and texts are very important for making websites. The flexible texts and images can help us to develop a responsive website and these elements play an important role in view of the website through mobile phones and tablet. The media queries are also helpful for making a responsive website and it’s like coding that specifies CSS. It aligns the view of the website significantly. A responsive website can help us in many ways with updated core features. In a responsive website, we don’t have any necessary to zoom the contents because it will be resized as per our requirement.

We need a very good responsive website that can be made easy by high-quality responsive themes. Our company is consistently developing various themes and templates which are looking attractive and splendid.

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