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  1. Selene
  2. Creativ
  3. Wednesday, 10 August 2016
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I am finding really difficult to customize pages and modules.

I create the module as explained in the documentation, and I customize the text in html (otherwise the JCE Editor changes the code and something doesn't work anymore).
Then I define a position (for example jb-intro-text).
But then it appear in all pages that have that position! I cannot select in which pages I want to show it.

I have seen documentation online, and it is possible to select pages going in Extensions>Module Manager>Menu Assignment. Unfortunately, I don't have such an option, my administrator menu is different (I don't know, maybe depends on the version of Joomla?)

Attachment: the first screen shows the option for selecting in which page show a module, the second shows my menu, that doesn't have this option

Thanks in advance
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